What is Joe Namath NOT saying?

Who is tired of the constant Medicare Advantage commercials? I know I am! I have had so many clients call and ask me, “What is Joe Namuth talking about?” What has changed with Medicare? They want the benefits they are “entitled” to! Are they getting everything they are entitled to? Or- they are upset because they called the phone number on TV and were enrolled in what they thought were “MORE” benefits for 0 cost- Only to later understand they lost their current Medicare plan and wound up with LESS BENEFITS! I have helped many clients call Medicare to cancel the damage done by telephone enrollments that were unclear and confusing. Oftentimes they were switched over the phone into plans that did not contain their doctors and hospitals. Sometimes prescriptions were not verified in formulary, or they ended up with drug deductibles they did not have before. Or they were not fully advised of their options between Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements. Let’s face it, although Medicare Advantage is a great option- it is not the only option- and it is NOT ALWAYS THE BEST OPTION! That is why such aggressive advertising to Medicare Beneficiaries should not be happening! Every individual is different! And responsible, professional, individualized consultation is NOT POSSIBLE with ANONYMOUS, UNACCOUNTABLE, TELESALES PEOPLE who are simply trying to meet their sales quotas.

Let’s break down some of what Joe says:

Joe says, “Plans MAY include” home health aides and rides to medical appointments. The word “May” is used because NOT all plans include home health aides and rides to medical appointments. Not all plans offer this benefit! It is a very limited benefit. It is dependent on prior authorization and medical necessity. The plan must review and approve a physician’s order. It is also subject to a participating network of providers.

Joe says, “MOST plans also include” dental, vision, hearing and prescription coverage. This is all true! But frankly, not that special. If someone has a Medicare Advantage plan, they likely already have dental, vision, hearing and prescription coverage. It is NOT new!

Other commercials tout FREE PREVENTIVE SCREENINGS. If you have Medicare, whether it is A and B, or C (Medicare Advantage Plan), you ALREADY have preventive screenings.

Another commercial advertised 75% discounts on prescription drugs in the coverage gap! AGAIN- ALL TRUE! But not that special. In 2020-Every Medicare Beneficiary who has Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage), pays 25% for both generic and brand name drugs once the total cost of their drugs reach $4,080.

If you called the number on your television screen, and wish you had not, please call us or contact me – WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP!

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