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Medicare Advisors to Help with the New Medicare Dental Plans
A Free Service to Help You Find The Right Medicare Plan for the Best Medicare Dental Coverage

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Welcome To Senior Benefit Advantage | Find the Right Medicare Plan with Medicare Dental Coverage

Senior Benefit Advantage helps you select Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans or Medigap plans that are the best fit for you based on your needs. This service is at no cost to you.

There are so many Medicare Advantage Plans in Ohio! How can you know what is the best choice for you? We can help you find the plan that works with your doctors, hospitals, dentists, and other specialists. We help you understand and evaluate your Medicare plan options to make sure we find a plan to best fit your needs.

If you need help with Medicare dental coverage, Senior Benefit Advantage is a leading resource. Under the current Medicare system, comprehensive dental benefits are not covered by Original Medicare. Not having quality Medicare dental insurance can lead to other health complications that you should not need to worry about. This year, however, Medicare Advantage plans can help with your dental coverage. Our Medicare advisors near me can help you learn more about this change, and get you the coverage you need.

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  • 30 years Insurance Experience

  • Masters in Social Work

  • We help you get the most out of your Medicare!
  • We take time and care to understand your needs.
  • We empower you to make informed choices by providing clear explanations.
  • We partner with only the highest rated Insurance
  • We offer a helping hand to help when you need us:
    • We help you apply for:
      • Medicaid
      • Medicare Dental Plans
      • Medicare Dental Insurance
      • Medicare Savings Programs
      • Extra Help with Prescriptions
      • Patient Assistance Programs

Are You New To Medicare?

Medicare is an important life milestone, but it’s also complex. Let us break it down for you.

Questions About Medicare

Sometimes when companies talk about Medicare dental plans, the conversation is hard to understand. Let us make it simple for you.

Areas We Serve

Our Medicare advisors serve Northeast Ohio and Central Ohio as your local and accountable Medicare resource. Find a location near you.


How have our Medicare advisors made a difference? Read client testimonials to see the real-world impact of our free services.

Get Help With Your Medicare Dental Coverage With Our Free Personalized Service

Our Medicare advisors can give advice for your unique situation and Medicare dental plans.

Unsure About The Right Option For You? Don’t worry. Our Medicare consultants can answer any questions, regardless of your understanding of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. Let us help you navigate your Medicare dental coverage today.

We Help You Make The Right Choice When It Comes To Medicare Dental Plans

Our Medicare agents will give you a real and honest understanding of Medicare Advantage Plans and and Medicare dental insurance. Did you know that most Medicare Advantage plans cover preventative and routine services without an extra premium cost? In fact, some Medicare dental plans offer a benefit for comprehensive dental with no cost-share, plus a limited benefit maximum. Perhaps most importantly, there’s never any waiting period for major dental services on Medicare Advantage dental plans.

If you are confused about Medicare Advantage and dental coverage, or just have questions regarding Medicare dental plans, we can help. Our Medicare agents give you a real and honest understanding of your insurance options by speaking in plain English and providing thorough explanations when you have questions. We never want you to leave confused or frustrated. Our combination of expertise and a compassionate, client-centered approach means we’ll put your needs first, always.

Medicare Enrollment | Medicare Dental Plans

Learn about Medicare enrollment, find answers to your Medicare questions, or evaluate your eligibility with our Medicare agents. Our services are covered by insurance at no cost to you.

The Medicare advisors at Senior Benefit Advantage know how different every client is. Our local Medicare agents will work to understand your circumstances and give you professional guidance to make the right decision. When you need help with Medicare dental coverage, we are the team for the job.

Our Mission And Values

Senior Benefit Advantage is owned and directed by Rhonda K. Kraus, MSW, a licensed insurance broker of 30 years with a background in social services. Senior Benefit Advantage combines insurance expertise with targeted social services to provide free professional healthcare advocacy for Medicare clients. Our team of licensed Independent Insurance Brokers are certified to counsel you in navigating the Medicare Maze. We want to be your local Medicare advisors of choice by providing personally accountable customer service and free advocacy that is beyond your Medicare plan.

We believe our seniors deserve time and attention when it comes to navigating Medicare. Our Medicare agents work to provide this level of outstanding service.

Medicare/Medicaid Dual Plans

We help with dual plans that cover Medicare and Medicaid and can help with changes in your coverage.


To give seniors the best possible service when they are navigating Medicare and other health care options.


We value professionalism, expertise, and compassion for all of our clients.

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