Need help finding a Primary Care Doctor?

Primary care physicians are your go-to for all your healthcare needs. A good primary care physician gets to know you, your health, and lifestyle preferences. They respect you and care about your wishes; and work together with you to achieve your maximum level of health and independence. Internal Medicine- Geriatric Doctors specialize in treating conditions that most commonly occur in older adults. They are well versed in the effects of aging and focus on managing chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other conditions that primarily affect older adults. They can even provide help if you’re feeling depressed or need community support.

As Independent Medicare brokers who live and work throughout Northeast and Central Ohio, we are certified with all the major health plans in Ohio, and we are familiar with the doctors who are in their networks. As Medicare Beneficiaries, you have more choices than ever about how to use your Medicare and which doctors you prefer to use. We can verify that your doctor participates in your plan. And- if you need help finding a doctor, we can help find the best fit for you between your doctor and your health plan!